World-traveling chef, mama, sustainable lifestyle leader, and passionate food educator.

Mafalda Pinto Leite | Official website | Recipes for Beauty, Wellness & Longivity
Recipes to embrace the flavor and richness of whole foods and understand that every natural food has a remedy/benefit hidden inside it. That what you ingest can and will change your life completely.
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Mafalda Pinto Leite | Recipes for Beauty, Wellness & Longevity

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  • Saude Intestinal, Probioticos & Alimentos Fermentados

    Não perca o Workshop Virtual no próximo Domingo, 15 de Outubro de 2017. Quer aprender tudo sobre Flora Intestinal, Próbioticos  e Alimentos Fermentados? Sabia que há 10 vezes mais micróbios que...

    Principios de uma Alimentação Saudável

    Não perca o Workshop Virtual no próximo Domingo, 03 de Setembro de 2017. Aprenda tudo sobre Alimentação Saudável, Ingredientes e Plantas medicinais de maneira a criar um equilíbrio diário na su...

  • Mini Blueberry Pies

    Craving these amazing mini blueberry pies! I made a simple hazelnut crust ( raw hazelnuts, dates, vanilla, ground flax, coconut oil) dehydrated it just because (you could freeze them too). The fillin...

  • Zoodles

    Zoodles with a light basil & macadamia sauce, spiked with nutritional yeast and lemon rind. Simple is best!...

  • Rose Quartz

    The corner-stone for the heart chakra. This stone is essencial for self-fulfilment and inner peace. It´s soft pink color comforts and heals any wounds the heart has accumulated. Known as the healer o...

  • Green Soup

    Been thinking about this soup all day, came in a dream yesterday. Finally got around to making it and it’s so creamy and delicious with subtle flavors.   Sauté 2 sliced leeks in a medium...

My love for food!

In 1999, I got my first whiff of raw food and it´s powers at cooking school, The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. Since then I began studying the power of raw, medicinal foods. This love for food has taken me to Maui (where I lived and worked for several years) and to London (where I worked for Jamie Oliver and Books for Cooks). Now as a mother of 4 I live daily with the gratitude that these live, medicinal foods changed me from the inside out.

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