World-traveling chef, mama, sustainable lifestyle leader, and passionate food educator.

Mafalda Pinto Leite | Official website | Recipes for Beauty, Wellness & Longivity
Recipes to embrace the flavor and richness of whole foods and understand that every natural food has a remedy/benefit hidden inside it. That what you ingest can and will change your life completely.
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Mafalda Pinto Leite | Recipes for Beauty, Wellness & Longevity

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  • Saude Intestinal, Probioticos & Alimentos Fermentados

    Não perca o Workshop Virtual no próximo Domingo, 15 de Outubro de 2017. Quer aprender tudo sobre Flora Intestinal, Próbioticos  e Alimentos Fermentados? Sabia que há 10 vezes mais micróbios que células? Que há 100 triliões de micro organismos a viver dentro e no seu corpo?......


    Principios de uma Alimentação Saudável

    Não perca o Workshop Virtual no próximo Domingo, 03 de Setembro de 2017. Aprenda tudo sobre Alimentação Saudável, Ingredientes e Plantas medicinais de maneira a criar um equilíbrio diário na sua alimentação e estilo de vida.   ALIMENTOS NUTRITIVOS. Todas sabemos que o alicerce para......

  • Mini Blueberry Pies

    Craving these amazing mini blueberry pies! I made a simple hazelnut crust ( raw hazelnuts, dates, vanilla, ground flax, coconut oil) dehydrated it just because (you could freeze them too). The filling is bliss! Blended activated raw cashews, vanilla powder, coconut cream, melted cacao butter, lemon......

My love for food!

In 1999, I got my first whiff of raw food and it´s powers at cooking school, The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. Since then I began studying the power of raw, medicinal foods. This love for food has taken me to Maui (where I lived and worked for several years) and to London (where I worked for Jamie Oliver and Books for Cooks). Now as a mother of 4 I live daily with the gratitude that these live, medicinal foods changed me from the inside out.

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