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About Mafalda

Mafalda childhoodChildhood in Portugal

I was born and raised in Porto a small costal town in Portugal famous for its Port Wine. I belong to a big family, where meals where always shared sitting down and in conversation. I was lucky to have strong amazing women as cooks in my life that showed me the importance of good produce, preparing food with love and intention and that a table is never too small and meals always grow miraculously to feed everyone.

Mafalda lifeFood & Healing and a Chefs Life

From and early age i was enthralled by Vegetarianism, and the power of food when sourced correctly and prepared with love. This led me to drop out of Graphic Design collage and enrolling at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York where i became a professional Plant-based Chef focused on cooking for healing and in a holistic way. My internship took me to war-winning Vegan restaurant Millennium in San Francisco, followed by my first paying job at Mana Lea Gardens, an exclusive retreat in Maui and Mana Foods an iconic health foods store in the heart of Paia. Since then I have worked for jamie Oliver ate his first restaurant Monte´s, Books for Cooks in Notting hill, Matthew Kenney The Plant in Dumbo and the now extinct Pure Food and Wine.

Mafalda transformationMy Transformation

4 children, 6 bestselling cookbooks and a prime time tv show later I decided to return to my roots and study Nutrition at the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where i rediscovered my passion to work with food as a tool for a healthy mind, body and soul. That food is nourishment and medicine.

Mafalda and are Born

In 2015 my brand Puro Sumo was born, a source of Medicinal Plant Blends that nourish body, beauty and mind.

mafalda bookMy First US book

2016 my first US book deal was made and i have the good fortune to be working with Roost Books on the publication of my first cookbook for the US market. My book will be published Fall 2018.

mafalda workshopsOngoing Video Workshops

I began offering ongoing video workshops that can be enjoyed at everyones own pace and can be accessed at anytime that is convenient. These workshops provide a plant-based culinary eduction rooted on the Founding Principles .These workshops will empower anyone that has a love for healthy cooking to master several themes and shifting preconceived ideas on food. Ive created this offering for people that seek deeper, consistent, education on the power of food as a healing tool and all those that simply want to learn how to make delicious healthy recipes.