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New Moon Chocolate Truffles

Maybe a little late for Valentines.. But better late than never and everyone loves chocolate, so I hope you can forgive me. Did you all practice some self-love yesterday? I watched Pretty Woman, ate pancakes and read. This New Moon energy is getting to me.. feeling a little wired. Can't wait for another sacred wheel email today!...

Adaptogenic Raw Chocolate Fudge

This quick and potent fudge recipe is perfect for a sweet bite after a stressful day. The magical ingredientes in this recipe, besides the raw cacao, are Reishi; a well known for its rapid effects as a relaxing, mood boosting, uplifting mushroom. Shatavari has been used for centuries as a hormone balancer and for libido. Ashwagandha a...

Mafalda Mornings Post


Some mornings have more flow to them than others.. If your stuck in one of those days, why not try a little something different, like spiking your breakfast with a favorite adaptogen: Mucuna. This velvety bean powder helps to activate those feel good neurotransmitters that elevate mood, spark libido, invoke creativity, and soothe the nervous system. Try this smoothie...