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Grounding Green Soup

Been thinking about this soup all day, came in a dream last night. Finally got around making it and it's so creamy and delicious with subtle flavors. This soup is extremely nourishing and grounding.   Melt 1 tbsp of Ghee or Coconut oil in a a medium sized pot. Sauté 2 sliced leeks in a medium sized pot. Season with...

One of the most vital nutrients for Health and Wellbeing

One of the most vital nutrients for Health and Wellbeing

Our bodies were designed to be exposed to the rays of the sun, and our skin and eyes contain all the necessary mechanisms to extract and produce beneficial nutrients from it. The interaction of sun on skin is our human form of photosynthesis. Sunlight in the form of UVB rays touching the skin produces beneficial...

mafalda Chocolate granola 5

Delicious Chocolate Granola

That time of the week that you notice that Christmas is approaching FAST and you haven't bought all the presents (and your dreading shopping in the mist of big crowds). So why not go the easier (and cheaper) route and MAKE a present that everyone is going to love and EAT?! Everyone likes a snack. More than often,...

Balance is the key to Wellness

Balance is the key to Wellness

Think of wellness like a simple equation: what you do x how often you do it = results. What to do // Eat an abundance of hydrating, nutrient-dense whole fruits and vegetables, focusing on a rainbow-hued variety of plant-based proteins, healthy fats, and healing superfoods. Science shows that these are the best possible foods you can eat for...