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Delicious Chocolate Granola

mafalda Chocolate granola 5

Delicious Chocolate Granola

That time of the week that you notice that Christmas is approaching FAST and you haven’t bought all the presents (and your dreading shopping in the mist of big crowds).

So why not go the easier (and cheaper) route and MAKE a present that everyone is going to love and EAT?!

Everyone likes a snack. More than often, when we’re in a particularly “off” place in body + mind, we feel a serious need to restrict ourselves from what the body is crying out for most, out of fear that it’s our enemy, not our ally. But when the body is hungry, it needs nutrients for energy! And when it’s thirsty, it needs replenishment for detoxification! It only makes perfect sense that we give our bodies the information they call for in times of hunger and thirst — no matter how many times a day. Morning, noon, and night (and late night), the choice is up to you.

Snacking in the modern-world can be super disconcerting, as the thousands of quick + easy options have us occupying more mind-space than necessary, with worry about what said snack is made up of. And that’s why when it comes to snacking, look no further than  this deliciously crunchy and satisfying Superfood Granola. Take matters into your own hands and create a memorable Christmas gift that will actually nourish, energize, and promote beauty on those you love.



This delicious Chocolate Granola doubles as breakfast or hand-in-the-bag kind of snack, This granola never fails to save the day. Rich in Classic Superfoods for a sweet, always gluten-free crunch; in Plant-Protein for extra energy and post-workout muscle power; and in Dark Chocolate with ashwagandha for a sexier morning crunch.


See the complete recipe here!!