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Rose Quartz

The corner-stone for the heart chakra

Rose Quartz

The corner-stone for the heart chakra.

This stone is essencial for self-fulfilment and inner peace.

It´s soft pink color comforts and heals any wounds the heart has accumulated.

Known as the healer of internal wounds, Rose Quartz teaches the power of forgiveness and reprograms the heart to love itself.

We learn from her that the source of love comes from within the self and from that source of infinite love any wound no matter how deep or painful can be healed.

This stone is inner nourishment and comfort for our broken souls. The sorrows, fears and resentments that have constricted the flow of love are replaced with a deep sense of personal fulfilment.

You can carry or wear jewellery made of Rose quartz. I personally like to hold it on my left hand  or over my heart while i´m meditating. Even while im working I like to have one in sight (as i’m writing this I have a big piece on my thigh so I can feel energised and to inspire me on what to write).

Even just having one to make eye contact with, in a place where you spend time in is amazing. It elevates and manifests a calm reassuring vibration in the room that its placed. You can also sleep with one under your pillow every night while your healing or whenever you need that self love energy. The rose quartz healing process may take many months or even years depending on the degree that your heart is long it has suffered for.

As the gentle pink ray is implanted and infused in your aura the true meaning of love can be known. Unless one is fulfilled from within they will always have expectations and disappointments , from the love they receive from others. but if the heart  is complete unto itself, then the love that is shared with others will be pure and have no expectations attached to it.

TRUE LOVE is the highest degree attained at the heart chakra and this process is initiated with Rose Quartz.