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Adaptogenic Raw Chocolate Fudge

This quick and potent fudge recipe is perfect for a sweet bite after a stressful day. The magical ingredientes in this recipe, besides the raw cacao, are Reishi; a well known for its rapid effects as a relaxing, mood boosting, uplifting mushroom. Shatavari has been used for centuries as a hormone balancer and for libido. Ashwagandha a...

mafalda post coffee or tea

Coffee ​and​ Tea Extras for an Exceptionally Brighter Morning

Rise and shine! How are you today? Excited for coffee and tea? ME TOO! It's especially easy to get fastened tight into a morning routine (and don't get me wrong, morning routines are marvelous!) but every once in a while, it's exciting to switch things up without having to veer too far off of your usual day-to-day, cherished grind. The morning time is the perfect time to...

Mafalda Coconut Turmeric Mood-boosting Bars 01

Stay Happy This Weekend: Coconut Turmeric Mood-Boosting Bars

The month of December is here, and sometimes stress gets the best of us (black Friday anyone?!) I created these mood-boosting bars spiked with Mucuna a natural antidepressant to elevate the spirits and Ashwagandha to alleviate stress and anxiety. Its so delicious and effective that I had to share. Great for a pre- or -post Christmas shopping snack...