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New Moon Chocolate Truffles

Maybe a little late for Valentines.. But better late than never and everyone loves chocolate, so I hope you can forgive me. Did you all practice some self-love yesterday? I watched Pretty Woman, ate pancakes and read. This New Moon energy is getting to me.. feeling a little wired. Can't wait for another sacred wheel email today!...

Mafalda Mornings Post


Some mornings have more flow to them than others.. If your stuck in one of those days, why not try a little something different, like spiking your breakfast with a favorite adaptogen: Mucuna. This velvety bean powder helps to activate those feel good neurotransmitters that elevate mood, spark libido, invoke creativity, and soothe the nervous system. Try this smoothie...

mafalda post coffee or tea

Coffee ​and​ Tea Extras for an Exceptionally Brighter Morning

Rise and shine! How are you today? Excited for coffee and tea? ME TOO! It's especially easy to get fastened tight into a morning routine (and don't get me wrong, morning routines are marvelous!) but every once in a while, it's exciting to switch things up without having to veer too far off of your usual day-to-day, cherished grind. The morning time is the perfect time to...

Mafalda Coconut Turmeric Mood-boosting Bars 01

Stay Happy This Weekend: Coconut Turmeric Mood-Boosting Bars

The month of December is here, and sometimes stress gets the best of us (black Friday anyone?!) I created these mood-boosting bars spiked with Mucuna a natural antidepressant to elevate the spirits and Ashwagandha to alleviate stress and anxiety. Its so delicious and effective that I had to share. Great for a pre- or -post Christmas shopping snack...